The ki2motion Mission

Our goal is to help bring balance and efficiency to everybody. The principals of resistance stretching allow us to provide you with a holistic workout that emphasizes recovery, performance, flexibility, and strength.

Through the application of ki2motion, we detangle and unbundle soft tissues, and strengthen muscles to bring our clients to a new level of motion.

A client has the potential to improve and tone muscle groups – we want to help you discover how to rejuvenate yourself.

The ki2motion is communicating length while integrating strength and harmony.

The ki2motion lies in the harmonic integration of muscular length and strength development.

The ki2motion is the harmonic integration of muscular strength and optimal range of motion.

The ki2motion is the balanced development of strength and flexibility of all the muscle groups in the body.

The ki2motion is continuously integrating strength and harmony during your quest to achieve optimal levels of flexibility.


We are continually faced with great opportunities that are brilliantly disguised as insurmountable problems.