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About us

Our goal is to help bring balance and efficiency to everybody. The principles of assisted resistance stretching, mashing, strength training, breathwork and nutrition allow us to provide you with a holistic whole body concept with the emphasis on recovery, help you achieve a higher level of performance and gain flexibility and strength.

Through the application of ki2motion, we detangle and unbundle soft tissues, and strengthen muscles to bring our clients to a new level of motion and balance. A client has the potential to improve and tone muscle groups – we want to help you discover how to rejuvenate yourself.

The ki2motion is communicating length while integrating strength and harmony.

The ki2motion lies in the harmonic integration of muscular length and strength development.

The ki2motion is the harmonic integration of muscular strength and optimal range of motion.

The ki2motion is the balanced development of strength and flexibility of all the myofascial trains and muscle groups in the body.

The ki2motion is continuously integrating strength and harmony during your quest to achieve optimal levels of flexibility.

WE practice whole body work that embodies free motion in whole body movement 

Equality of distribution in symmetry as well as balance. We are rooted in motion. This is ki2motion!

The Ki2Motion Team

Our team

Lisa Dattilo

Soft Tissue Specialist | Integrative Strength Coach

Working in both the fitness and scientific fields has given me a unique perspective into both athletic and health endeavors. My background and training in Kinesis, Ki-Hara, Thai Massage, and Integrated Healing, and Reflexology gives me remarkable insight and ability to help clients understand and connect to their bodies, thus achieving and maintaining a healthy, more mobile body and overall well-being.

Michelle Davison

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Resistance Stretch Specialist

Using a bio-individuality whole body approach, my clients and I work together step by step to build a foundation for health, set goals, and take actionable steps to reach those goaIs. I use practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide my clients in discovering which approach works best for them, while creating a supportive environment that will enable them to make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Our prices

Mindful Moments

Guided breathwork, meditation, stillness, movement or a combination of these practices. 15 minute virtual class Tuesdays @ 2:30pm. Benefits include:


  • Improved energy, focus, concentration, mood, immune health, life balance & well-being
  • Reduced stress, anxiety & tension
  • Peace & calm in the body & mind
  • Connection to your body, breath & the present moment
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The Whole Package

Get started with an integrative approach to whole body health. We recommend starting with the whole package for 3-6 months then transitioning to Whole Maintenance for the best results.


  • 2 Assisted Resistance Stretching sessions
  • 2 Mashing sessions
  • 2 Health Coaching Sessions
  • 1 private Integrative Strength class/week
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The Whole Maintenance Package

Continue your whole body health by training to maximize and maintain your results. 


  • 1 Assisted Resistance Stretching session
  • 1 Mashing session
  • 1 Health Coaching Session
  • 1 Integrative Strength class/week
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