A Soft Tissue Specialist … Think about it. Someone who really knows what is going on between the skin and the bone.

Would you like to get rid of that bad knee that always seems to hold you back? Are you having problems recovering from an injury? Can your lower back ever be pain free again? Imagine your muscles lengthened and feeling strength where there was none before. Lisa can address all of this.

With Assisted Resistance stretching Lisa can change the memory of muscles and scar tissue. This releases muscle imbalances, as well as inefficiencies, that allow for full range of motion to emerge back in tonic muscles. By organically addressing soft tissue issues, she produces a bio-mechanical clean‐up that has given many clients an alternative to surgery, physical therapy, or other painful measures.

Lisa has always been passionate about fitness and has been in the industry for 35 years. She has been a certified Spinning Instructor and avid outdoor cyclist riding with pro cyclist in Cyclocross , Gravel trail as well as mountain biking for many years. She discovered Resistance Stretching 15 + years ago and was the first person to bring Resistance stretching to Missouri. She is a Ki‐Hara Master Stretch Trainer. It is Lisa’s mission to teach people how to safely stretch as well as strength train.

Lisa has had the pleasure of working with professional athletes as well as many competitive St. Louis cyclist and athletes. She will create a custom exercise plan to help clients recover from their conditions and then to maintain physical fitness. Her exercise prescriptions reveal diversity and cross training as key components of a successful workout program.

Lisa strongly believes that everyone owes a certain commitment to oneself and their health. “Our wellness allows a good quality of life and brings a sense of richness and fulfillment to our everyday lives.” She has an infectious spirit and a healing nature. And be forewarned. She likes to giggle.

Education & Certifications

Yamuna Body Logics

Training-yoga-standing poses, Respiration (May 2019)

Rhythmic Movement Training International, Arnold, MO (Jan 2014)

Training – Level One (Focus, Organization & Comprehension)

Training – Level Two (Emotions, Memory & Behavior)

The Redcord Education Program (Nov 2013)

Active Intro and Corrective

Kinesis, Boston, MA (Oct 2010 – Oct 2011)

Anatomy Trains and Fascial Fitness

Body Language Boston

Sacred Bodywork (Mar 2009 – Nov 2012)

Traditional Thai Massage Levels I-II-III (Miami, FL + Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Thai Reflexology

Integrated Healing (body, concept, mind & pathways) (2009-2010)

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching System (Nov 2009)

Certification in Master Levels I – V (all)

Shiatsu Body Work (2005)

Certified Spinning Instructor

CPR and AED certified


Michelle’s interest in health and nutrition grew immensely after a college Health course taught her how big of an impact foods and lifestyle factors play in not only short term, but long term health and disease prevention. While working in the fitness industry after college and learning new ways of caring for herself from another Health Coach, she attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she received her Holistic Health Coach Certification. She later completed a Gut Health Course  to further her education in gut health, the digestive system and GI issues, as much of our overall health is determined by what is going on inside our gut. Michelle supports her clients and their whole health helping them discover foods, movement and lifestyle factors that will best support them in living their most joyful, efficient, balanced, and best life. With a focus on bio-individuality, seasonal living, self-care and community, she works step by step with clients to help them achieve optimal functioning, get to the root cause of health issues and bring their intentions to fruition during their current season of life. Michelle enjoys group coaching and guiding participants to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits with the seasons to broaden their life balance. While becoming a Resistance Stretch Specialist, Michelle was able to free her body from chronic knee and back pain and understands the potential each body has to correct imbalances from the inside out, live freely and comfortably. Michelle works with clients to improve flexibility, strength, range of motion, balance and mindfulness, while reducing restrictions, pain, tightness and tension in the body. She enjoys exploring nature with her husband and sweet boxer mastiff mix, good food, yoga, golf, hiking and traveling.


  • Holistic Health Coach, A.A.D.P. – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Gut Health Course – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • B.A. Business Administration – Lindenwood University
  • Ki-Hara Resistance Stretch Level II


Performance is what drives us as a human race, no matter what it is we apply our skills, talents, and minds to. The athlete that lives in every one of us calls for that performance from our core to be expressed and thrive in the body it resides, but dysfunction, injury, and lack of coordination impedes that athlete, that body of motion, that wants to thrive. I’ve studied with coaches, in athletics, performed speed drills and endured plyometric maneuvers over and over again. I’ve searched for strength and that extra edge through various forms of weight training, yoga, and martial arts.

We strive for optimum physical endurance and strength, but what I’ve found is that a muscle is only as strong as it is flexible. If you want durability you need to be strong and flexible through the full range of motion, this helps your body resist injury. I have a mission and a goal as a strength trainer and coach which is to bring you into your full range of motion and not stop short on you or your body. I want to redefine your sense of center, in your stability and core. I will enlighten my clients with the knowledge they need and bring forth a new approach to their workouts and bodies.

With ki2motion, I am responsible for coordinating strength and conditioning programs and help individuals get back into programs as they return from injury. Coordinator for upper and lower body programs including warm up and cool down