Integrative Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me?
Stretching helps clients of all age groups and fitness levels.

Why does it work for any type of painful restricted movement?
We attend to all the connected tissues that work together. We work throughout the areas where the pain and restriction are present in the body thus allowing free motion.

How long does it take to feel a difference?
It takes 6-12 visits, depending on the severity of the pain or restriction.

What will the client need to do after each session?
You will be given specific guidance to help you move the areas that have restrictions. It is important for the client to help him or herself between the de-tangling processes. This allows the next visit to move the process forward.

The associates help the clients to understand both the strength and self stretching programs. We have designed a process that is a kind and gentle to every part of the body.

The Human body has an amazing healing ability to bring mobility and high levels of movement back to the restricted area, if careful and slow rebuilding is done from the inside out. It is important to be patient with yourself. The tissues take a long time to heal.

The client must be willing to commit to a program that will yield real results if you do the work designed to help rebuild strength in the weaker areas. We need the client to help us help you. The body is truly a marvelous machine. We are fine tuned mechanics that help you repair the broken parts. This is why associates at Ki2Motion are different from other services out there in community.


These sessions are more than stretching for me.  It feels like it is retraining my muscles and soft tissue how to function properly, placing it back where it belongs and flushing out tightness. Beyond the physical, I find it therapeutic, mentally and emotionally. For 60 minutes I focus on my body, my breath and connecting to how it is functioning. I just feel better, so much better! I feel as if my body was a wet rag soaked and weighed down, and Lisa comes along and rings out all the excess leaving me feeling, lighter, relaxed, cleansed, and revitalized.


Joanne R.

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