Health Coaching

30 Day Jumpstart

Get on track to living a healthier, happier and more balanced life. This 30 day introductory program includes two 50 minute Health Coaching sessions. Review your health history, set attainable goals and receive guidance, support and accountability in reaching your health goals.  Unlimited email support between sessions, recipes, reading material, and 10% discount on seasonal self-care journeys included. Sessions held on Zoom.


6 Month Transformation

Create lasting changes in your life so you will be successful long term. Program is focused on bio-individuality and designed to keep you motivated and on track to reach all of your health goals. Includes twelve 50 minute sessions over six months. Unlimited email support between sessions, recipes, reading material, and 10% discount on seasonal self-care journeys included. Sessions held on Zoom.



Receive guidance, support and accountability as you continue to nourish and maintain the life balance you have created for yourself. Stay on track, re-visit your goals and find even more joy and balance in your life. Includes one 50 minute session each month, unlimited email support between sessions, recipes, reading material, and 10% discount on seasonal self-care journeys. Sessions held on Zoom. *Available to individuals who have completed the 6 Month Transformation.


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Seminars & Classes

Mindful Moments

Enjoy these 15 minutes to become present in the moment, let go of your to-do list and responsibilities, and energize your body and mind before navigating the rest of your day. In this virtual class, you will be guided through either breathwork, meditation, stillness, mindfulness, gentle movement or a combination of these practices to learn to live in the present moment, quiet the mind and lean on your breath as a friend. These practices can promote a sense of peace and calm, help reduce stress, anxiety and tension, increase mental clarity, support your mood, immune system and well-being and connect you to your body and breath. With more and more practice, these tools can help you live a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Tuesdays @ 2:30pm CST

First Class is Free! $9/class or $30/month for unlimited classes 

Held on Zoom. Can’t attend live? I’ll email you the replay and you’ll have 7 days of access.

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Foods & Remedies to Support the Immune System

In this pre-recorded virtual seminar, learn ways to create and maintain a strong immune system to decrease your chances of getting sick during cold and flu season or while traveling. Use foods and self-care to help you minimize symptoms, heal faster and support yourself with natural remedies if you do get sick.

$25 $15 special rate for January 2024!

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Seasonal Self-Care Journeys

As the seasons shift, our needs shift. The season & cycle we are in helps determine our needs including the foods we nourish ourselves with, our self-care & physical activities, social life & relationships, mental health & emotional needs. Adapting with the seasons will nourish your body, mind & soul allowing you to live a more balanced, fulfilling & joyful life. 

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"It’s good to see how my circle of life started & how it finished! I have worked on a few areas these past 8 weeks. This class has helped me stay focused and made me really think about all of the joy & happiness in my life! I highly recommend this class. I’m excited to see what the next class is all about."


"The opportunity to be present for your self care is work. A journey to practice, put effort into building layers of growth will only happen if you do the work itself. I take on this challenge by taking seriously the adventure to explore the work offers me to participate in or uncovering as well as trying on the task requested."


"It made me realize I never had time for self care. I did new things you recommended on my journey. I am keeping it up! I love the recipes too!"


"That was beautiful, thanks. I love the cloud analogy and it brought the tears I needed to release. I needed that so much. Thank you for all you do." - Karen S. regarding Mindful Moments

Karen S.