Class Offerings

ki2motion classes are held through CC Fly Fitness (4705 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63109).

All CC Fly Fitness members have access to ki2motion classes.

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In-Person Classes

Every Wednesday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm @ CC Fly Fitness.

View and book your class via the Class Schedule at CC Fly Fitness. Classes are taught by “Lisa Dattilo / Dattilo Lisa”.

Virtual Classes

Pre-recorded video classes are available through the CC Fly Fitness Virtual Library.

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Breathing Meditation

This is a deeply nourishing way to meditate. Breathing exercises can help you relax because they make your body feel like it does when you are already relaxed. 

One of the focused benefits of mindful breathing is attaining enhanced self-awareness through self-reflection in a calm state. 

Breathing exercises are easy to learn and do on your own, and is one of the best methods for reducing stress. With practice, you can train both your mind and body to let tension go.

45 minutes

Suitable for all levels.

Fascia Fusion

An energizing class that is a fusion of dynamic body movements involving strength, versatility, flexibility and precision.

These functional and cardiovascular exercises will help you to create a stronger, leaner body, improve posture and foster a more peaceful mind.

Simple props such as light toning balls, elastic bands or a slender stick may be used for additional balance and enrichment.

45 minutes

Suitable for all levels.

Resistance Stretching

This class teaches you how to build strength and harmony in groups of coordinated movers in your body.

Gain an understanding on communicating length, and achieve versatility from stretching and contraction exercises.

You’ll begin to develop optimal range of flexibility and motion as you bring balance to the rest of your body through your muscle groups.

45 minutes

Suitable for all levels.

Traction and Stabilization

Discover physical self-awareness within in your body. We will teach you ways to build a foundational girth for steady balancing between your upper and lower body movements.

Your body is a complex, organic machine. In this class we work on stabilizing coordination for your entire body and explore ways to encourage healthy structure down to your bones.

45 minutes

Suitable for all levels.