Assisted Resistance Stretching

Stretching is a gentle process of De-tangling the restrictions of the upper or lower body. It is a hands on process by the trainer that eliminates pain, prevents injury, and improves flexibility.

Physical contact of legs, arms, chest, and lower back moving the client through different rotation moves in order to open tissues from a restricted state.


These sessions are more than stretching for me.  It feels like it is retraining my muscles and soft tissue how to function properly, placing it back where it belongs and flushing out tightness. Beyond the physical, I find it therapeutic, mentally and emotionally. For 60 minutes I focus on my body, my breath and connecting to how it is functioning. I just feel better, so much better! I feel as if my body was a wet rag soaked and weighed down, and Lisa comes along and rings out all the excess leaving me feeling, lighter, relaxed, cleansed, and revitalized.
Jo R.

Stretch Training: Q & A

1. What is stretch and why does yours work?

We are movement specialists. We have studied for many years in science with wonderful people who motivate me to experiment and do the science. Stretch in our world is the movement of adhered as well as restricted tissues.

2. Why does this work?
We understand what is not moving in the client’s body.

3. What is a soft tissue specialist?
Someone that studies molecules that make up the soft tissue as well as studies 3-D modeling of the tissues within the body.