Welcome to Fall! We are almost a week into this enchanting season after the Equinox on 9/22/22. I appreciate all 4 seasons for what each one offers us. Some things I enjoy about Fall are sitting around a fire, warm soups, hikes & connecting with nature, grounding foods & activities, soup Sundays, slowing down & getting back into a routine, embracing simplicity, quality time with people, maple smelling candles, football, stargazing, watching the colors of the leaves change & the Autumn aroma in the air.

Fall and Spring are the seasons I tend to get a little more organized, and have found that living and working in organized spaces allows us to enjoy more, be more creative, calm, focused, energized and at ease. When clutter or messiness surrounds us, it can have detrimental effects on our mood, happiness, concentration, energy levels, productivity, efficiency and stress levels. My home is not spotless and in order 100% of the time. Whose could be? But I strive to maintain a certain level of organization and cleanliness the majority of the time because I feel, live and work better when the space around me is de-cluttered, clean and not messy.

These are five ways I get organized during the Fall season:

  1. Make seasonal clothing and shoes readily available: Not all of my clothes and shoes fit in my bedroom closet, so when the weather shifts from one season to the next I do a closet assessment. I start by removing the clothes and shoes in my closet that I will not wear during the next season (when transitioning from Summer to Fall, items such as sandals, tank tops, summer dresses/skirts, shorts, etc). Then I assess my closet in the other room, and bring the Fall weather clothes and shoes to my bedroom closet (sweaters, boots, light jackets, hats, etc). Organizing my clothes at the beginning of each season allows me to get ready in the mornings with greater ease and efficiency, and grants me more time for other things I enjoy like sipping my coffee, reading, journaling or stretching before starting my day. Something I have found useful is to place the hangers on the rack backwards, and turn them around after I wear an item of clothing. Then at the end of the season you can see which items you did not wear and either make it a priority to wear them (if you like them) or donate them.
  2. Calendar Assessment: Assess your calendar for the next two months and ensure it is accurate and organized. Have you forgotten to put something on the calendar or is there something on there that is no longer relevant? You may also need to check with other members of your family and make necessary changes. Are you comfortable with the amount of events, appointments and/or commitments on your calendar for the next 8 weeks? If it seems like too much, it probably is. Decide which you will attend and those you will cancel or decline. I tell my clients that if an outing is not in alignment with your health or your goals, why spend the energy going? When we have too much going on it can lead to stress and overwhelm, so make sure you are not overextending yourself for your and your family’s sake.
  3. Meal plan: Cooking at home is easier when you have a plan. At the beginning of each week, I like to plan out meals that sound good to me incorporating seasonal foods. Then I make a grocery list with items I need to make these meals. I enjoy having a plan because it is less to think about the day of, and allows for more free time during the day. I usually do this for dinners for the week, and the day before I plan lunch depending on the food I have in the house. During Fall I like to incorporate soups, chili, warming foods, and crockpot meals. It’s great to make larger portions and enjoy leftovers throughout the week, or freeze leftovers to enjoy later in the month and not have to cook again. Most soups, stews and chilis are great frozen and reheated! If you want to take it a step further, organize your pantry and/or appliances so your Fall foods, spices and cookware are easily accessible allowing for greater ease in the kitchen.
  4. Knock something off your to-do list: If you are like me you have an ongoing to-do list. Sometimes I let things stay on there for a while until I get tired of seeing them on the list. Now is a good time to look at your list and pick something that has been on there for a while and get it done. Or, remove it from the list completely until you are ready to tackle it. You will feel good once it’s done or removed, and your list will be more organized and relevant. Fall can be a good time to tackle projects and be productive too, so you may choose to knock off more than just one item.
  5. Choose an area or areas of your home to organize: Walk through your home and take note of any area you would like to be more organized, de-cluttered or efficient. Prioritize the areas, and note if they are small or large. Then block out time on your calendar to organize those areas.

Small areas include a drawer, pantry, small closet, workspace, desk, vehicle, cabinet, bookshelf, filing cabinet, small outdoor space, etc. For small areas, you may choose to block out time on your calendar to complete the task all at once, or you may commit to 5-10 minutes each day until the area is organized to your satisfaction.

Large areas would include an entire room, large closet, basement, garage, or large outdoor space. Again, you may choose to organize the entire space in one block of time, or commit to a specific amount of time each day until the space is organized. I have found both ways to be efficient, it just depends on what else is going on in your life and if you’d rather complete the task all at once and be done with it, or spend more days and less increments of time working on the task.

Organization is a form of self-care and can help keep our life and home in order allowing for greater ease as we navigate our way through life. If you would like to nourish your organizational side, consider joining my next online Seasonal Self-Care Journey and receive group support, accountability, seasonal recipes, tips and commit to self-care and creating a healthy balance in your life. As always, reach out if you have questions, comments or need support along the way!

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