Stretching and Strengthening Services

Body Alignment Assessment
Understanding the imbalances between the upper body and lower body misalignments. Graphing your legs and/or arms such as at the shoulders and identifying any specific issues that are going on in the tissue. Looking at the whole body neck, back, hips and chest, allowing the client to see what is not working together with the rest of the body.
45 minutes – $85

Assisted Resistance Stretching (info)
There is not one part of the human body that cannot be detangled and drawn out of its fibrotically restrictive state.
Each session is one hour long.
1 session – $140
6 sessions – $810 ($135 per session)
12 sessions – $1560 ($130 per session)

SPECIAL OPTION with our in house Massage therapist Cora Kosel
Massage can be added or used in place of stretch or mashing session with purchased packages.

Mashing (info)
Each session is 45 minutes long.
1 session – $90

Introduction to Soft Tissue Therapy
Includes 4 Assisted Resistance Stretching Sessions and 2 Mashing Sessions – One time only
6 sessions – $655

Specialized Soft Tissue Therapy
Includes a combination of 10 sessions of Assisted Resistance StretchingMashing, and Integrated Strength Training, customized to fit your needs.
10 sessions – $1375

Stretching Fundamentals & Full Body Stretch Virtual Course
Join Michelle in this 3 part course where we will explore 5 fundamental techniques and resistance stretches to create flexibility, strength and balance in the body. Discover how techniques such as breathing, grounding, and core engagement will help you achieve a more efficient stretch. Then put those techniques to use while stretching your upper and lower body with stretches you can do anywhere. Release muscle tension and tightness, increase blood flow, circulation and range of motion, and gain flexibility, strength and balance with resistance stretching.

$45 – A link to the videos will be emailed to you and you will have 45 days of access. *Enroll by 12/21/2021 and pay only $32!



Health & Nutrition Coaching

30 Day Jumpstart

Get on track to living a healthier, happier and more balanced life. This 30 day introductory program includes two 50 minute Health Coaching sessions. Review your health history, set attainable goals and receive guidance, support and accountability in reaching your health goals.  Unlimited email support between sessions and recipes included. Phone and Zoom sessions available.


3 Month Breakthrough

Understand which foods are best for your body and life and begin living a healthier and happier life. Includes six 50 minute sessions over three months. Unlimited email support in between sessions, recipes, handouts & food samples. Phone and Zoom sessions available.


6 Month Transformation

Create lasting changes in your life so you will be successful long term. Program is focused on bio-individuality and designed to keep you motivated and on track to reach all of your health goals. Includes twelve 50 minute sessions over six months. Unlimited email support in between sessions, recipes, handouts & food samples. Phone and Zoom sessions available.


*Sales tax is not included in pricing